Our materials


Gold plating is the process of adding a thick layer of gold onto the surface of another metal. We decided to use brass as our base metal and thicker-than-ordinary platings for all our plated jewelry so we can offer a 365-day warranty.


Plated pieces can be prone to oxidation if not properly taken care of. You can use a polishing cloth to restore your piece's shine and make your beautiful gold plated jewelry look as new.


Sterling Silver has been used in fine jewelry since the 12th century, and we're keeping the tradition alive. We only use 100% recycled Sterling Silver made of 92.5% pure Silver to match the highest standards for all of our pieces.


Use a soft cloth to clean your silver piece. To minimize scratches and other damages, store your piece in the pouch that we provided or in a separate compartment in your jewelry box.


Our diamonds have impeccable clarity, both in makeup and in the making of. They're lab-grown (no mining required!), meaning their background is traceable, peaceful, and earth-friendly. And just as if they had developed naturally, they have identical brilliance, texture, and chemical makeup as mined diamonds.


Clean your diamond piece with just warm water everyday to keep its shine and sparkles.